Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Pastors' Return

We have decided to start a new blog "The Pastors' Return". This will give details of the work which Susannah and Jonathan do, both at the chapel and elsewhere. We hope that you will find it interesting. It can be found at the link on the side of this blog.

Easter 2010

Good Friday communion service was led by our Pastor Susannah and the chapel had been decorated with reminders of themes related to the Easter Story.

Two of the window cills had bread and wine, 30 pieces of silver , a cockerel and a cross draped in a red cloth. At the front of the chapel was a large cross draped in a purple cloth with a crown of thorns on the top.
The service was followed by drinks and hot cross buns.
Saturday was a coffee morning when we met a number of people and enjoyed their company and conversation.
Easter Day was an early start with morning communion at 8-00a.m. led by our Pastor Jonathan followed by breakfast cooked by Dave and Elaine. The purple cloth on the cross had been replaced by a white one.
Unfortunately the preacher scheduled for the 10-30a.m. service was ill so our morning service was led by Brian Kay, and then at 6-30p.m. our evening service was led by Susannah.

February and March

This was a fairly quiet time in our church's life, although the bible fellowship met every week during Lent.
March 6th was the first coffee morning of the year and was well attended.
On Mothering Sunday (March 14th) members of the congregation were presented with flowers.

In our Lent course we studied a Scripture Union course called "Ram to Lamb".
We finished the course by holding Passover "Seder" meal which we believe was the meal Jesus ate as what we call "The Last Supper" and where he instituted the Holy Communion.
The speaker for the Ladies' meeting was unfortunately ill and our Pastor Susannah had to step in to the breach and lead again.
During March our back room was redecorated and the work moves into the kitchen and chapel after Easter.

January 2010

Happy new year to all. The bad weather of December continued to affect our activities, but nothing else was actually cancelled. January 3rd was the occasion of our annual covenant service where we follow in the tradition of Wesley by renewing our covenant with God. This year the service was led by our Pastor Jonathan.
The weather was particularly bad in the week before our party, and the night before several people rang to say they would be unable to get. In the event, there was an overnight thaw and most people attended. The "Round the World" themed event was a great success, people bringing and wearing items from many different countries. Quizzes included trying to identify well known hymns from their original first line, and guessing the 26 languages (one for each letter) of a well known bible passage (John 3:16)
At our Ladies' meeting, our pastor Susannah brought a quiz about Christmas and new year.
Due to bad weather our bible fellowship meetings were held at a nearby member's home to enable more people to attand.
Our Church meeting towards the end of January was successful and we agreed a programme of events for the rest of the year. More details of these can be found on the website. Use the link to the left to look.
The 30th January was the first Needlework day of the year when a group met to pursue their hobbies and have lunch together.