Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas at Mayfield.

Christmas is traditionally a busy time for us at Mayfield and this year was no exception! The season started in November with a “Created” Christmas Fayre where fair trade crafts were sold in support of the work of Tear Fund. This was well attended and good sales of craft goods were reported.

Early in December, this was followed by a Fair Trade Christmas Fayre where our friend Muriel Stonehewer sold a variety of fairly traded goods. This also was well attended.
The Advent carol service on December 13th, during which we were encourged to decorate the church as part of the theme of "Preparation" was led by our pastor Susannah and was a great success.
As the month progressed the seasonal but inclement weather started to make life difficult. The “Five courses and Carols” was well attended in spite of the weather, but around 15 people were beaten by the snow.

The rest of us enjoyed the meal and carols.

The carol service, planned for 20th Dec. was snowed out, only one car and one pedestrian managing to make it.

The carols singing scheduled for the next day was reorganised to meet elsewhere, and some of our traditional venues had to be missed, however, we did sing a few carols in front of the Coop in Fulwood.
The weather eased slightly for the Christmas day service which did go ahead. In spite of the disappointments caused by the weather, we have been heartened by the support which our Christmas events have received, and look forward to 2010.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.