Monday, 4 August 2014

Since our last blog we have done the usual range of activities at Mayfield.  Worship has been held every Sunday,
the Bible fellowship has been held twice a month, at present we are studying Nehemiah, and his saga of building walls round the city.  We intend moving on to Ezra later to look at his take on the same series of events.

The supper clubs restarted in April, and have run every month, as have the men's breakfasts.
On May Day bank holiday we held our "Bake Holiday Bun Day" event, where we invited people to visit us, bring something they had baked, and bring the recipe.

The Ladies' Fellowship has met every month, and in July they hosted a visit from the Hampden View fellowship meeting.

At the time of writing, we are looking forward to our summer family camp, later in august.

Monday, 24 February 2014

February 2014

An apology to our regular readers for the lack of information about what we have been doing.  Unfortunately, blogging had to take a back seat in view of all that has had to be done.  In addition to everything at church, Jonathan and Susannah have moved business.  The locals among you will know that the Castle Market in sheffield has succumbed to the ravages of time, and the final day's trading was on November 23rd.  The new market on The Moor opened on Monday November 25th.  These two simple sentences give no impression of the amount of work that was involved over the months, and is continuing as Susannah and Jonathan work full time, 6 days a week in the new market.  If you are interested in the business, please look at   If you are interested in the Moor Market, much more information is available at

Since early October we have held our annual festival of light on October 31st,

our annual barbecue and bonfire on November 2nd

and our Christmas events in December.
The Christmas events included:
Advent Carol service, "Five Courses and Carols", Carol singing with the Salvation Army Band, Christmas Carol service, Carol singing round the local area and a Christmas morning service.
January, as usual, was a quieter month, with our annual church party, the church meeting, and the bible fellowship restarted on the third Tuesday.
February was similarly quiet with just the regular meetings taking place.  A new innovation for 2014 is that the cleaning day is to be combined with a time of fellowship.  This will take place on the Thursday of the week following the bible fellowship on the first Tuesday of the month.
The real highlight of February was the completion of our decorations by the signwriter who relettered the text above the chapel front.