Friday, 1 January 2016

Late 2015

 August was our annual camp, when the field is converted into a campsite.

 Sunday saw us having lunch outside, congregation and campers.

 The singing at the Sunday morning service was led by the campers' band.
All the usual events happened regularly, the supper clubs, men's breakfasts and bible fellowships.
October saw our annual harvest festival celebrations, and the gifts of produce and food were given to the St. Wilfrid's Centre in Sheffield.  The celebrations continued on the following Thursday at the Five Crops and Choruses meal.
October 31st was our annual Festival of light when people met to play games, do craft work and eat seasonal food.
The church meeting is September decided a date in November for the planning of our programme for the coming year.  This is now decided (subject to ratification by the January church meeting).  If you would like details, please get in touch with one of the pastors.
Our bonfire and barbecue was a bit unusual because the bonfire was on the school yard next door.  The purchaser of the school has been doing a lot of building work.  He was kind enough to donate the waste to the bonfire, and it was decided to be easier to move the people than the fuel!  As usual the barbecue was in the chapel field.
 Christmas was a busy time as usual.
   The carol singing with the Salvation Army band was well attended and very successful.
  The Advent Carol Service, and the Carol service were their usual success, and the carol singing round the valley was as popular as ever.
The Five Courses and Carols was not quite as well attended as some years, but at least the weather was on our side this year.  Everyone who attended enjoyed it.