Monday, 29 June 2015

Flower Festival

This year's flower festival was on the theme of "Jesus' Hands".
It was a lovely weekend.  The church was open to view the exhibits on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday the morning service was led by our pastors Susannah and Jonathan.  The evening service was led by Rev. Grant Naylor, the vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Carver street.

 Carpenter's hands.
 Carpenter's Hands (detail)

 Scarred Hands.
 Blessing Hands.
 Praying Hands.
 Healing Hands.
 Jesu's hands were kind hands.
  Jesu's hands were kind hands. (detail)
 Sharing hands (1)
 Sharing hands (2)
 Serving Hands.

Donations were made to D.A.R.T. International.  (Disaster Arborist Response Team)  This is the charity which our church is supporting this year.  The group aims to provide skilled arborists to work in disaster areas.  More information is available at

Monday, 25 May 2015

Early 2015

Life in the church continues as usual.  We had one or two problems with the weather, including the church meeting having to be cancelled,
but most of our events continued .  The church party was a great success, with a Scottish theme in honour of it being held on Burn's night.  The games were successful, but some of our guests were suspicious of the haggis!
The bible fellowship continued, and during Lent we met every week and studied prayer.  Since Easter we have been continuing our study of Luke's Gospel.  We seem to getting a lot out of it, and progress is quite slow, but who is rushing?
Over Easter, Susannah and Jonathan went on holiday. More details are on The Pastors' return.  Click on the link at the side.
The flower Festival will be later on, and we are planning a music festival in August.  Details of both will be available nearer the time.
Susannah celebrated Pentecost, the church's birthday with a suitable service and a birthday cake.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Late 2014

The main activity in August was our church family camp.  
 The members of the camp led our worship on the Sunday morning.
 And one of our visitors celebrated his birthday.
 Later in the year Susannah christened Amber Scarlet.
 Our festival of light was a great success with seasonal activities.
 The church had to be decorated for Christmas
The annual bonfire was a great success, although the weather was somewhat against us.

 The annual five courses and carols was well attended.
And of course we had our carol service, singing round the valley and Christmas morning service.