Monday, 29 June 2015

Flower Festival

This year's flower festival was on the theme of "Jesus' Hands".
It was a lovely weekend.  The church was open to view the exhibits on Saturday and Sunday.  On Sunday the morning service was led by our pastors Susannah and Jonathan.  The evening service was led by Rev. Grant Naylor, the vicar of St. Matthew's Church, Carver street.

 Carpenter's hands.
 Carpenter's Hands (detail)

 Scarred Hands.
 Blessing Hands.
 Praying Hands.
 Healing Hands.
 Jesu's hands were kind hands.
  Jesu's hands were kind hands. (detail)
 Sharing hands (1)
 Sharing hands (2)
 Serving Hands.

Donations were made to D.A.R.T. International.  (Disaster Arborist Response Team)  This is the charity which our church is supporting this year.  The group aims to provide skilled arborists to work in disaster areas.  More information is available at