Sunday, 8 March 2009

Early 2009

As might be expected, since Christmas has been a relatively quiet time for us. The new year started with our annual covenant service led by our pastor Susannah.
The first coffee morning of the year was on January 17th and was exceptionally well attended, we ran out of cups!
At our church a.g.m. on January 22nd we decided on a number of activities for the coming year, details are on our website, on the "Events 2009" page. Follow the link on the left of the blog if you are interested. As the year progresses there will be others added.
The church party on January 31st was a great success when we invited the preachers from the previous year to join with us. Our carol quiz where people were invited to identify carols from a line in the text caused some head scratching.
The next coffee morning was on February 21st. Our bible fellowship meeting has started a Lent course. This year we are following a course from the Leprosy Mission "God's upside down world" For details see the website.
On March 1st, Mr Dave Tuckett led our annual Tear Fund Service, where we were encouraged to support and pray for the work of Tear Fund. Our offering was sent to Tear Fund and after the service we met for a simple meal in the back room.
Our heating has been giving us some trouble this month, but we hope that we have sourced the (obsolete) parts which we require and should be back to normal soon.

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