Tuesday, 9 August 2011

July 2011

July started with the flower festival (see previous post). The bible fellowship met on Tuesdays 5th and 19th to continue the study of Acts. Craftastic held a needlework day on Saturday 9th which was followed by a barbecue for participants. But we had no sink (see below) so washing up had to be outside.The opportunity was taken to try out the erection of a gazebo.The mens' breakfast was held on Monday 11th.

The plan had been to instal the new floor in the kitchen this month, and then put the new units and cooker etc next month, but the contractors preferred to do the whole job this month. This meant that it was a bit of a rush, so the sink had to be removed earlier than planned.

In among the work, the Ladies' meeting was led by our pastor Susannah.

The floor was laid in the week beginning 18th July, and the units were delivered on the 21st. The fitting of the cooker and hood began on 21st. This meant that the work to fit the new sink could not begin until Tuesday. We had a supper club planned for the Thursday, but we had reached "Dinner minus 47 hours" before we could definitely say that it would go ahead. The menu was: Melon with ginger sugar, Chinese style pork with sweet and sour sauce, potatoes and broccoli, followed by mixed plums poached in grape syrup and custard. Our speakers told of the work of the St. Wilfrid's Centre in the centre of Sheffield.

Much work remains to be done in the kitchen before it can be considered complete, and then we have other projects to start in our programme.

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