Tuesday, 8 January 2013

November 2012

November started out with our annual bonfire and barbecue on Saturday the 3rd.  The event was well attended and enjoyed by all.  Although the ground was rather wet, following the wet summer, the night was fine.  The bonfire went up well.
 Susannah worked extremely hard in the kitchen, preparing the food for the barbecue.
David also worked hard putting the finishing touches outside.
 The queue seemed to go on for ever, but eventually everybody was fed.
 And people settled down to enjoy the evening.
Later on in the month, after all the debris had been cleared, the grass square was put back.  David had worked extremely hard, numbering the turves so that they went back in the right place.
Our bible fellowship met on November 6th and 20th, studying the book of Amos.  Apart from some slightly dated illustrations, the theme of justice and fairness could have been written this year.
Our series of sermons on Ephesians continued through the month, with Jonathan finishing up on Ephesians 6 on the 25th.
The men's breakfast met on the 12th,
The annual planning meeting was held on the 14th when we examined the events held so far this year and discussed ideas for next year.  The outcome of the meeting will be discussed at the church meeting in January and will then be added to the website (see link on the left).  If you would like a copy of the newsletter with the details enclosed, please get in touch.
Our annual Christmas Fayre was held on 24th, when opportunities to purchase fairly traded goods and crafts were available.  The event was well attended.

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