Thursday, 8 December 2016


It is with some upset that I discover that it is nearly a year since I updated the blog.  A lot has happened this year, and it is best if I only give a brief  outline.
All the usual activities have taken place: Ladies' fellowship, Bible fellowship, Supper clubs, Lent course, Flower festival (see separate post), Festival of light, Bonfire and barbecue.
 The upcoming building work to create a car park meant that the garden to the side of the church will be lost, so a selection of the plants has been moved to a new bed at the other side.
 This leaves the old site looking a bit bedraggled.

 The annual camp was a great success.

 And the work has started on the new boundary wall  in preparation for the new car park.
Our annual Harvest festival was a great success, and the gifts were donated to the work of the St. Wilfrid's centre.  The evening service was led by Father Grant Naylor from St. Mathew's Church, Carver Street.

My New Year's resolution for 2017 is to keep up to date more frequently.

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