Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Early 2008

January 6th was the date of our annual covenant service when the members of our congregation renewed their promises to God. The service was led by our pastors, Jonathan and Susannah Youdan.
The January Ladies' meeting was a talk by two magistrates who enlightened the members about their work.
In February, the Ladies' meeting was led by our pastor, Susannah who set a botanical quiz.
The bible fellowship met every week during lent and followed a study programme about the Lord's Prayer. Details of this course are to be found at For most of the sessions we found that it was difficult to complete the session on the time available.
2nd of March was our mothers' day service and TEAR fund service led by Dave Tuckett. This was held in the back room and was a multi-media presentationaccompanied by a shared meal. Flowers were distributed for mothers' day.
In March, the Ladies' meeting further investigated legal matters by having an explanation of the ins and outs of will writing.

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