Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Picnic service

Will we?, won't we?. For about three hours we wondered whether the picnic could take place out of doors as we had hoped. At about 10 minutes to 4 we decided that there appeared to be a weather window and decided to set up outside. The table was set for refreshments, the ground sheet was spread and the chairs put in groups round the edge. The keyboard was taken from the cupboard and the fish and bread put on the plates. We soon discovered that the chairs were probably not the right ones as once anybody sat on them, they sank into the rather soggy ground.
Once we were ready, and the sun came out we started. We sang, we read the gospel, we talked about the story and discussed questions about its application. Drama was performed and poems read. We closed in prayer and sang another hymn.
The story we examined was the feeding of the 5000, and studying it whilst we were eating in the open air gave it new meaning for us. Look at our website for details of when we have similar events.

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