Wednesday, 1 October 2008

June 2008, the valley is alive with the sound of music.

Sunday, June 15th, the valley was alive with the sound of music! With some trepidation we had decided to adopt the suggestion of our youngest member, Nathan, and hold a pets service. This was to be held outside, and had been advertised in our leaflet drop and the Sheffield Star. All the preparations were made, and all we could do was wait and see whether anyone turned up.
As the appointed hour approached, people started to arrive, most with dogs, some wondering why their family members were not already there. Eventually a shout of "The Cavalry's coming" went up, and a group of horse riders were seen coming along the road. The final total was about 30 people. 6 horses and 12 dogs. The cows in the next field came to the wall and joined in with the singing!! ; Less welcome were the millions of midges who decided that we were the advertised light refreshment.
We sand four hymns, read two bible passages, listened to a poem and two short addresses. Then we had our tea and scones. A good afternoon, most people seemed to think that we should do it again sometime.

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