Wednesday, 1 October 2008

June and July.

The end of June saw our monthly supper club meet very successfully. We ate Melon boats, Chicken supreme with new potatoes and vegetables followed by cinnamon and apple crumble.
The Ladies' meeting was addressed by Peter Habbershaw who described some theories about the structures of the Egyptian pyramids and possibilities about the symbolism of their dimensions.
On Friday July 11th we hosted the mini olympics event organised by several churches in Sheffield. In spite of the rather damp weather, the barbecue was successful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.
The Ladies' meeting met in July and our pastor, Susannah led a quiz about sheep and goats which she related to Jesus' story in Matthew chapter 25.
A few of our members spent several days digging holes of ever increasing size in the field in order to discover where the drains run. The record is about 2 metres deep and 3 accross. We have now found the drain, and have just got to decide what to do next!!

The supper club met on July 24th and we dined on: Tomato and Basil soup, Home roast ham and salad, Strawberries and cream. The speaker was Peter Garrett, from our Grimesthorpe Church, on a theme of "Praise on the Patio" relating his experiences of organising morning worship on a beach front patio whilst on holiday on a Greek island.

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